Entertainment Ideas To Include in Your Upcoming Wedding


Weddings are affairs that take a lot of spontaneous creativity as well as ideas. No one likes it when the theme of their wedding is deemed the most boring. For this and other reasons, most people go out of their way to ensure that their special day stands out.

However, not everyone is good at having their guests entertained to the maximum. We have come up with some entertainment ideas to include in your upcoming wedding. Take notes if you have to for everything else to turn out as planned.

Music First

musicThere is no better way to have your guests in sync with the occasion other than music. The best part is that there are plenty of options to choose from. You and your partner can either opt for a live musical performance or a disco to enthrall the guests and leave them asking for more.

Music has always been a number one priority in weddings since time immemorial. It is included for various reasons. Top on the list is for the lovebirds to convey their love messages to one another in song. As for the live performance, it is a way of making the guests feel included as well as welcome. If you were to settle for this, be sure to make it a memorable experience. Be as creative and unique with your ideas as possible.

Food and Drink

It would be outright impossible to entertain guests at a wedding without food and drinks. They simply wouldn’t enjoy the event if their stomachs were rumbling all through. Make this a priority that everyone will be glad to partake of. Get in touch with a seasoned caterer who will shower you with loads of ideas on meal plans for the day.

Not to mention how fun it will be for the guests to indulge in all the tasty servings on the menu. Those planning to have an early departure will eventually let their guard down and stay a little while longer.

A Dance

wedding After all, the main reason for this occasion is for all the soulmates to entwine in all ways possible. Most of them fancy the idea of holding each other close enough to hear each other’s heartbeat and dancing to a slow, romantic love song. A ballroom dance should be at the heart of everyone planning to have a wedding any time soon.

Besides, this is also another opportunity for other potential soulmates to meet and get close. What other option would there possibly be for a romantic entertainment session? It would be a perfect moment for each pair to reminisce on how far they have made it and celebrate.

Musical Chairs

It is an old tradition that has brought every public and private function to life. It helps in getting the guests into a participative mood. Instead of the guests drifting away from your function and entertain themselves by looking at funny memes on their phones, bring out the chairs!

It should be at the session when everyone has had an incredible fill. They will want to play this until the function is declared officially over.

How Escape Room Games Are Played


Escape room games are created in line with a specified mission. There exists a wide variety of missions for escape room games. Furthermore, the tasks involve various obstacles that the player must maneuver before escaping. Barriers can be made in the likeness of hidden unlock keys, concealed doors to enter preceding stages or even rotating objects to hinder the player from having an easy and comfortable walk through.

The following are tips that indicate how escape room games are played.

How to play escape room games

Enter the room

The clock starts ticking when the player enters the roam. If the players decide to play as a team, the clock is started when the last player enters the room. Once the player(s) waste time in the entrance, there will not be enough time for solving the puzzles. One should be confident and remain focused to escaping the room as the victor.


Search everywhere for tips

There are people who do not complete the escape room games in time. Their main question after the game is always, ‘how did we miss that clue?’ Puzzles are placed at unique and visible locations inside the room. When the player enters the room, the first is to look out for the set puzzles. However, tips and unlock keys can be hidden anywhere. Escape room game cannot have tips displayed all over the walls.

Therefore, do not expect to find clues obvious locations. They can be under teapots, inside books, beneath tables or tablecloths, behind wall paintings among other locations. Take note and turn everything in the room upside down. Be sure that no clue goes unnoticed. This way you will always complete the game in time.

Solve puzzles

Puzzles are the main features of the escape room games. Without puzzles, escape room games cannot make any sense. Different games have their puzzles. For example, the player to finish solving mathematical or general knowledge puzzles, solving maze puzzles and find the way out among others. The puzzles are placed on tables for easier visibility. However, some escape rooms can be created to have covered puzzles on the walls. This makes the game more challenging and exciting. The players should solve every kind of puzzle to earn more points or finish the game on time.

Dialogue for teams engaging in the escape room games is very vital. It does not only enhance teamwork but also makes every player remain engaged throughout the game. Sharing ideas helps in solving the puzzles.

Unlock and enter the next stage

Having various stages in the escape room games make the game more thrilling. Finding unlocking keys or solving all the puzzles in the prior stage enables a player to unlock next stage. The next stage has its puzzles too. Players should solve the puzzles and look for various clues in the scene.


Exit the escape door

The player can escape the room upon successfully solving the puzzles. The time it takes a player to solve all puzzles and escape the room is crucial. However, the players should make sure all the puzzles before escaping.