Safety tips for escape room games

Escape room games are usually very exciting for participants and they also provide unique experiences that are difficult to find anywhere else. Although this concept is relatively new, it is becoming popular with many companies as a destination for team building sessions for their members of staff. However, participants need to take certain precautions while playing these games in order to have fun without compromising their safety. Here below are some important safety tips for Escape Room Calgary:

Wearing comfortable clothes

Some of the activities involved in the escape room games are physical. This essentially means that you need to wear loose clothes that can allow free movement. You may need to crawl, stretch, or bend while looking for clues. For instance, you can wear sportswear or casual clothes, including jeans. You can also wear snickers. However, avoid wearing your best clothes since they can get dusty.

Be on the lookout for sharp objects

Most escape rooms do not have any sharp objects, but you may sometimes come across a Swiss army knife or letter opener. If such objects exist, exercise a lot of caution while using them. Also, you may come across damaged or broken equipment. If such objects are present, be on the lookout for sharp edges. You can easily get injured by sharp objects, particularly when you are participating in fast and exciting live games within the escape room.

Avoiding use of excessive force

Using excessive force is not necessary when it comes to solving puzzles. Using brute force while trying to escape from the escape room can cause injuries among the participants or damage property. What is actually needed is critical thinking, logical analysis, as well as teamwork. You don’t have to dismantle or break anything in order to make your escape from the room.

Be on the lookout for electrical sockets

Avoid putting your fingers in electrical sockets. You need to understand no one in his or her right senses would put a clue inside an electric socket.

Staying away from windows

Where the escape room has windows, avoid opening them at all costs. It is actually not necessary to lean out in order to look outside since there are no clues outside of the room. Further, escape rooms have systems in place for participants to exit the room in case of an emergency; using windows is not recommended.

Making use of your night vision

In most cases, escape rooms have dim lighting because of the need for an overall dramatic atmosphere. However, they can be completely dark in some cases. This usually happens for a short period of time or when there is the need for an effect. In such circumstances, you need be careful in order not to harm yourself or break something. You can ideally use your night vision to be on the safe side.

Taking care of your personal belongings

Some proprietors of escape rooms do not bother to include special lockers in their escape rooms where one can leave his or her personal effects. However, others do it. In case there are no lockers available, you need to take care of your personal belongings. Avoid leaving your cell phone, wallet, or other valuable items in your coat pockets. This is because, in the waiting where clothes are hang, anybody can access your personal belongings. For people with bags and purses, it is advisable to request a member of staff to keep an eye on them.


These are some of the most important safety tips for escape room games.

Benefits Of Playing Video Games


Video games have existed for a long time now. They have gradually evolved, having come a long way since they were first invented. From manufacturing and sale of video games alone, different manufacturers have been able to create employment and generated a considerable amount of money in the form of profits from sales of video games. Unlike a long time ago when the video games were associated with young kids, today even the aged play them and enjoy. Psychologists have been able to link gaming with several health benefits to the point of recommending patients to certain types of video games for better reflex and coordination.

Benefits associated with playing video games

Better coordinationxgfcgvwzhegctgh

Videos games have been of great help especially when it comes to coordination. People who pay video games have been observed, and it was found that they tend to have better eye-hand coordination. This concept is so widely used today, such that surgeons play video games to train their overall coordination of the eye, mind, and hand. Gaming has been linked to better motor skill developments, enabling one to make decisive decisions fast when doing physical activities.

Good for cognitive health

Certain types of games will require you to put your mind fully into it. This means you increase your level of concentration while playing. Therefore, gaming will help your overall cognitive function. Gaming will help you be more attentive, perceptive, focused and creative at the same time. People who suffer from memory lapse, age-related illnesses like Alzheimer’s and dementia, are encouraged to take up gaming to increase their level of awareness.

Sharpen decision making

rjdtfvhxgcghbghGaming more often will sharpen your decision-making skills. This is brought about by the split decisions you will have to make in the process of playing. Such skill usually translates to real world situation. You will find yourself making decisive decisions easily. Most games require critical thinking especially if it involves different stages to conquer. Clearing different stages over time will be a sign of mental development backed up with better decision making.

Improve vision

A long time ago, parents were concerned with kids spending too much time on the screen. Their main worry was too much exposure to the light emitted by the screen and the after effect. However, it was noted and confirmed by scientists that gaming in moderation actually improves eyesight. Since the brain is the main engine here, it tends to make the eyesight develop progressively over time through gaming. In some experiment, participants with single eye problem used the bad eye while obscuring the good one and after some time, the bad eye improved remarkably.

Top Reason You Should Learn Guitar


Music is known to be food for the soul. Today a lot of people are taking up music for different reasons. Others use music to make money while others make music to relieve themselves from stress and at the same time eliminating boredom. However, it gets even better when you learn to play an instrument, especially the guitar. Learning guitar can be fun and easy if you devote yourself to it. Professionals recommend you put two hours or more hours daily when practicing the guitar to master it perfectly as you progress.

Reasons to learn how to play the guitar

Mental developmentrjthjhbrdgchvbjn

Learning to play guitar has been noted to improve mental development and boost memory. In some schools, children are encouraged to learn guitar as it improves memory, intelligence, and behavior. Researchers have found that learning guitar, enlarges the left side of the brain, which makes it possible for students to remember more compared to non-musical pupils.

Enhances coordination

For you to master any instrument, a lot of coordination will be needed. Guitar enables you to have better coordination since your brain, and both your hands are put to use when practicing. People who play guitar have better coordination compared to people who do not. Most surgeons today are enrolling in guitar classes to enhance their coordination that they would need as they operate on their patients.

Playing guitar is fun

rthfgtrjdyghjdtfygA lot of people find the music quite entertaining. When you learn guitar and actually create your own music, a lot of things will be fun for you. This is because you get to musically challenge yourself into doing so many things that usually turns out to be lots of fun. Most professional musicians confessed that most of their music were composed while playing random tunes while relaxing. The guitar is fun especially if you have a friend and both of you take on each other when learning.

Increases confidence and boost self-esteem

If you want to be bold and confident, taking up guitar lessons can be the best way to go. Learning guitar and being good at it can be quite amazing. Take for instance musicians, most of them perform in stadiums with millions of audiences with confidence. After learning guitar, you will find yourself standing boldly in front of people. To your other social life, making friends will be quite easy, and you will find yourself more outgoing.